Submit my blog to 57 Search Engines

I promised to post the steps I take to improve the web traffic of my blog. Here is one of the step. Submit my blog to almost all search engines in the world which accept English web sites.
I use the program, called IBP. The search engine submitting function is so good. I don not have to type the address and filling the information of my blog and click submit button. One search by one search engine.
Now, I just need to prepare my blog information inside of IBP, then choose search engines from the list and click submit. About 5 minutes, all 57 Search Engines get my submissions.
The following are details of these 57 search Engines. If you want, you can key in these web address and submit your site.

No.Search EngineResult
1.Acoon.comsubmitted successfully
2.ActiveSearchResults.comsubmitted successfully
3.AdmCity.comsubmitted successfully
4.Alexa.comsubmitted successfully
5.Amfibi.comsubmitted successfully
6.Amidalla.desubmitted successfully
7.Anazitisis.grsubmitted successfully
8.Anoox.comsubmitted successfully
9.AUSearchEngine.comsubmitted successfully
10.Boitho.comsubmitted successfully
11.Bravo-Pizza.comsubmitted successfully
12.Business-Inc.netsubmitted successfully
13.CanadianContent.netsubmitted successfully
14.Canuckster.comsubmitted successfully
15.CAWebSearch.comsubmitted successfully
16.Cipinet.comsubmitted successfully
17.Claymont.comsubmitted successfully
18.CoolSiteOfTheDay.comsubmitted successfully
19.DinoSearch.comsubmitted successfully successfully
21.EntireWeb.comsubmitted successfully
22.Exalead.comsubmitted successfully successfully
24.FyberSearch.comsubmitted successfully
25.GhetoSearch.comsubmitted successfully
26.Google.besubmitted successfully
27.Google.casubmitted successfully
28.Google.chsubmitted successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully
33.Google.comsubmitted successfully successfully
35.Google.iesubmitted successfully
36.Iconnic.comsubmitted successfully
37.InfoTiger.comsubmitted successfully
38.IntelSeek.comsubmitted successfully
39.Jayde.comsubmitted successfully
40.OfficialSearch.comsubmitted successfully
41.ScrubTheWeb.comsubmitted successfully
42.Search CHsubmitted successfully
43.Search.Beamed.comsubmitted successfully DEsubmitted successfully FRsubmitted successfully NLsubmitted successfully UKsubmitted successfully
48.Search-o-rama.comsubmitted successfully
49.SearchZA.comsubmitted successfully
50.SentenceSeek.comsubmitted successfully
51.Setooz.comsubmitted successfully
52.SonicRun.comsubmitted successfully
53.Szigg.netsubmitted successfully
54.Uwad.comsubmitted successfully
55.WalHello.comsubmitted successfully
56.WebSquash.comsubmitted successfully
57.ZenSearch.comsubmitted successfully


  1. Woha!!! That’s awesome..Thanks for sharing it here 🙂

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