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SphinxSearch WARNING: word overrun buffer, clipped!!!

It is a warning information when the cronjob running every night.  This cronjob is used to update or re-index the phpBB powered forum, which is a Chinese forum.

The whole error is a kind of a list of warning with same problem.

WARNING: word overrun buffer, clipped!!!
clipped (len=126, word='请注意只有使用中国付款互联网付款服务支持的中国信用卡和借记卡才可以启动该话务中心的服')
original (len=126, word='请注意只有使用中国付款互联网付款服务支持的中国信用卡和借记卡才可以启动该话务中心的服')
WARNING: word overrun buffer, clipped!!!
clipped (len=126, word='我想不管你后面是因为衣服的问题还是喜欢不喜欢的问题应该不能退了如果当时店里的人已经告')
original (len=126, word='我想不管你后面是因为衣服的问题还是喜欢不喜欢的问题应该不能退了如果当时店里的人已经告')
WARNING: word overrun buffer, clipped!!!
clipped (len=126, word='新的网上申请表含有条形码而这些条形码将可以允许我们电子传输信息从而减少了签证申请过程')
original (len=126, word='新的网上申请表含有条形码而这些条形码将可以允许我们电子传输信息从而减少了签证申请过程')

How to solve the problem with the overrun buffer warning?

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Submit my blog to 57 Search Engines

I promised to post the steps I take to improve the web traffic of my blog. Here is one of the step. Submit my blog to almost all search engines in the world which accept English web sites.
I use the program, called IBP. The search engine submitting function is so good. I don not have to type the address and filling the information of my blog and click submit button. One search by one search engine.
Now, I just need to prepare my blog information inside of IBP, then choose search engines from the list and click submit. About 5 minutes, all 57 Search Engines get my submissions.
The following are details of these 57 search Engines. If you want, you can key in these web address and submit your site.

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Improve Your Search Ranking

There is over 85% traffic from search engines comes from search results. I know some people put a lot of time to work on Search Engine Optimization. Here are ten quick and simply things you can do to make your rank higher.
1) Get listed in more search engines. There are tons of them out there. There are also many free submit services that may help you get listed. Or you can spend some time to get it done yourself.
2) Get listed in more directories. Same, there are a lot of them out there. Find higher page rank directories.
3) Get some incoming links to your site make them relevant and at least the same Page Rank as yours.
4) Clean up your html code and check your links. Be carefull for the dead link and bad link, and slow speed.
5) Check your Title tags. You can use up to 990 characters in the title, so mix some keywords with your title.
6) Check your ALT tags. Search bots cannot see pictures. Make sure have all ALT tags on each of your picture, and make sure they are descriptive and keyword rick.

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