Improve Your Search Ranking

There is over 85% traffic from search engines comes from search results. I know some people put a lot of time to work on Search Engine Optimization. Here are ten quick and simply things you can do to make your rank higher.
1) Get listed in more search engines. There are tons of them out there. There are also many free submit services that may help you get listed. Or you can spend some time to get it done yourself.
2) Get listed in more directories. Same, there are a lot of them out there. Find higher page rank directories.
3) Get some incoming links to your site make them relevant and at least the same Page Rank as yours.
4) Clean up your html code and check your links. Be carefull for the dead link and bad link, and slow speed.
5) Check your Title tags. You can use up to 990 characters in the title, so mix some keywords with your title.
6) Check your ALT tags. Search bots cannot see pictures. Make sure have all ALT tags on each of your picture, and make sure they are descriptive and keyword rick.

7) Check your URL (anchor) tags. Good anchor tags are very important for Google. Use your keyword as anchor tags.
8) Make your page file names descriptive and keyword rich. Name as new_page_1.html is wasting the chance to put your rank high.
9) Go to the forums which allow you put your site address into your signature. Post some and attract the visitor to your site.
10) Sitemap is important and good for spiders. Putting a text-based sitemap gives the bots a way to navigate all around the site.

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