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Fix some Crawl errors of my blog

I found some errors in Google Search Console —  Crawl Error. More than 400 errors of Not-Found. After checking the details of these errors, I am noticed that they are the dead links which were brought after I converted this blog from MovableType to WordPress. Some links are changed and I forgot to implement the

Google Search plugin for MT

I posted the questions about how to use Googel Search in the Beta forum at 6A. They replied so quickly. I tried and it works. Here is the official answer for Google Search, almost same as V3.2, Setting Up Google Enabled Entries. Follow the guide above, you can add Google search results related to your

Improve Your Search Ranking

There is over 85% traffic from search engines comes from search results. I know some people put a lot of time to work on Search Engine Optimization. Here are ten quick and simply things you can do to make your rank higher. 1) Get listed in more search engines. There are tons of them out