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New Campaign for my Blog

It is a new year, 2019. Almost passed the first quarter.

I would like to increase Blog traffic in 2019. So, It is a new two weeks campaign.

There are certain things I will do on my blog.

  • Clean the old post.
  • Fix or remove the broken links.
  • Blog UI re-design or change.
  • Improve the web page load speed.
  • Fix the featured image of each post.
  • Make more post on my Blog.
  • Promote the Blog on Search Engine.
  • Promote the Blog on Social Media Site.
  • Connection with other blog and/or web sites.
  • On-site optimization.

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Yoast SEO has problem with AMP

Recently, I found the AMP page of this blog is not working. After checking the web logĀ  error file, the error looks like below

If you Google it with wp-content/plugins/glue-for-yoast-seo-amp/classes/class-frontend.php:162

A lot of search results with the same problem.

Based on the Yoast SEO support page, it said it is AMP plugin fault.

gooma2 provided a workaround, I tried it. It does not work for my blog. All my blog’s AMP pages are 505 error.

Then, I disabled the Yoast SEO plugin, removed it. Installed All In One SEO plugin.

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New setcion: SEO & SEM

There is one new section: SEO and SEM, added here.

As I focused on the Web site optimization and marketing. The traditional name of this technology is Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing.

The more you know how to do the SEO and SEM, the more chance you can make your web site better.


Previously I put most of my effort into server operation, web site developing, and new gadget. But my blog has not enough exposure. It is not fair. So, it is time to add this new category.

I would like to share my learning and my experience of Search Engine Optimization.

The content I will put into this section will include:

1) Web Site Design

2) Search Engine Optimization

3) Search Engine Marketing

4) Social Network Marketing

5) Mobile device Marketing


How to use Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

It is a list of Google Analytics Solutions.


For example, Choose the 4th most popular dashboard, SEO Dashboard – Finding Top Content and Keywords.


The details of this SEO Dashboard shown as above. If you like it, click Import button. Otherwise, just click back to list to choose the other Dashboard.


Then, choose the site, or property you want to implement to, and click Create button.


Google Analytics will be shown as above, to display the SEO Dashboard report, click the navigation bar left, click Dashboard, Private, SEO Dashboard.

The SEO dashboard above is just an example, not a recommendation. You’d better to pick the one you like from the Google Analytics | Solutions Gallery.


Increase Blog Traffic 2014

There are so many tips to help blogger to increase blog traffic. Here is my list for 2014.


  • Make my blog content SEO-Friendly.
  • Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Add Graphics, photos and illustrations.
  • Frequently modify or improve my own posts.
  • Enable Subscriptions.
  • Welcome user comments.
  • Participate Q&A sites, including Yahoo Answer,, Quora, StackExchange, etc.
  • Publish posts regularly.
  • publish posts often


Double my blog traffic in two weeks

I did a lot of research on Google, and try to find the way to double the web traffic of this blog.

First post I read has 4 tips to double the traffic.

1) Mapping of meta tag

Find top 10 pages from Google Analytics backend. Improve meta description and remove meta keywords.

2) On page optimization

Choose one keyword for each of top 10 pages and improve theĀ  on page optimization.

3) Guest blogging

Do guest blogging on relevant industrial blogs.

4) Submit Sitemap/ RSS feed to Webmaster Tools

Add sitemap and rss feed in Google Webmaster center.

vi published on May 24th, 2012

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How to do the website Search Engine Optimize from the beginning

To make a site popular and get more visitors, you have to do all from the beginning.
Let’s have a simple list of how to do the website SEO from the day one.
1. Basic analytic of site goal
2. Keywords analytic
3. Competitor website review
4. Web site content create
5. Sitemap, RSS feed
6. Search Engine Directory submit

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