I got an email from Chapters Indigo Online. You know I made an order yesterday afternoon. I ordered two books. 1) Search Engine Visibility 2) Professional Search Engine Optimization With Php: A Developer’s Guide to SEO The email said the confirmed order has been shipped. It is such aContinue Reading

I focuse on the Search Engine Optimization area. This is very interesting issue for the website owner. As I mentioned in Auguest, I make a new Blog for SEO and WebSite Marketing in Chinese. I learned from a lot of sources, including this following book. Search Engine Optimization – AnContinue Reading

This week I start a new blog. “SEO 网站优化推广“, means SEO Website Optimizing and Marketing. There are so many website owners in China. Most of them use the what we call Balck Hat SEO to get more traffic. It maybe work in a short time. Maybe not. The number ofContinue Reading

Before you venture into the world of search engine promotion, make a plan of action. 1) Choose your keywords 2) Design your site 3) Optimize your site 4) Get your site listed 5) Wait 6) Analyze your traffic and ranking trends 7) Further Optimize your site 8) Go back toContinue Reading