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This week I start a new blog. “SEO 网站优化推广“, means SEO Website Optimizing and Marketing.
There are so many website owners in China. Most of them use the what we call Balck Hat SEO to get more traffic. It maybe work in a short time. Maybe not. The number of visitor may be going up very quickly and the traffic will be die very soon.
The Search Engine like Google is not work as well as they do in English world. The Chinese is different.
The Chinese site owners are slso different.
They are still live in their own side. They have no chance to see what happened outside of the Mainland China.
Some guy mentioned whay way they used to SEO their site. Actully this methord is already found by Google two years ago. It is not working any more.
I trust the natural traffic is best, and natual SEO is best too.
To build this new blog will take a lot of time from my spare time.
It is still worth to do it. I hope my Chinese will be better and better. No more cheap.

If you can read Chinese, go to “SEO 网站优化推广” and you will get very helpfull information and experience.

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