I do some search in the data recovery tools. Not for regular one. I need a tool which can recover the data in a dynamic volume.
This is a harddisk used in the Windows 2003 Server. I have two disks with RAID 1 as mirror.
Because of the power failure, the disk are damaged and can not be booted.
I can not even access the data in the dynamic volume.
Here are two tools I downloaded and tried last Sunday.
Data Recovery Wizard Professional 3.0 and Restorer2000 PRO 3.0
They all support dynamic volume recovery.
I just tried one disk and not for the completed test. I used the DEMO version only.
I feld the restorer 2000 Pro 3.0 is much quicker than Data Recovery Wizard Pro when scan the disk.
In the DEMO version, Restorer 2000 Pro can recover files with size up to 128 kb and preview all graphic, video and audio files even if their size is bigger than 128 kb.
If you just want to recover the small files, you don’t need to buy them. Restorer 2000 Pro is good for you.

$99.00 USD for Data Recovery Wizard Professional 3.0 in one computer only.
$49.99 USD for Restorer2000 Pro.
I trust the best way for you, if you have a damaged disk and want to get the files from it, is to download the both DEMO version files from these two site and have a try.
If you can see the file you want, I think you have a lot of chance to get them back.
Then you may decide to buy one for your data.
Make sure the cost of rebuild the data are higher than this tool.

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  1. Last time my data lost, and I used [url=http://www.easeus.com] Data Recovery Wizard Professional 3.0 [/url], it works well, also recovered my file in a short time.

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