TagSupplementals Plugin

This is a really good plugin. It works smoothly with Tag in MovableType 3.31.
TagSupplementals provide some convenient features I needed.
The features added is shown as below:
# MTEntryTagsCount variable tag
# MTRelatedEntries container tag
# MTRelatedTags container tag
# MTTagLastUpdated variable tag
# encode_urlplus global filter
# MTSearchTags container tag
# MTXSearchTags container tag
# MTTagXSearchLink variable tag
If you look at the individual archive of this blog. you will find some new things.
The related entries are shown under the post. It use the MTRelatedEntries tag to get the related entries based on the same tag of every entries.
It provide the users the chance to read the related post without search again. All entries have same tag are linked together.

The site of contributer of this plugin:
TagSupplementals Plugin
Installation is so easy. Download the file, unzip it, upload it to the plugins folder, done.
You can also download file here

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