There are so many ways to do the marketing for your blog.
Now I would like to share some with you.
Basic blog marketing methods: Top Five.
Ask for the links.
Call your friend, ask them to link to your blog.
Not just your friends, you can also ask you son, daughter, your grandpa.
You can ask your co-workers to put your link into company site.
Join in a Forum
Forum is a kind of web site allow users to post their idea. You can sign up into one forum. Help others to solve the problem. Provide your personal experience or product preview. Real content, high quality content can give forum users trustfulness. Put your link into your forum signature, after you build your digital character there.

Comment in other blog
Read the posts of others blogger. Not just read, you can input your comment there. Do not just say, I like your post. Blogger does not like this kind of comment. Most of time it is treated as spam.
Social Media Profile
There are a lot of popular Social Network, including Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Digg, Linkedin, etc.
There are always different groups of people or different topics, you may be interested in.
Use them and complete your account profile.
My Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, please add me or follow me. I will follow back to you.
Networking is always important. The more friends you have, the more chance you will get recommend.

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