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City of Burnaby Web Site SSL issue was fixed

When I wrote my last post about the SSL issue of Burnaby City Website, I made a tweet and @cityofburnaby. They replied me on second day.

The official account of CityofBurnaby said the information has been forwarded to their IT team for review.

burnaby city site SSL issue

I thought my job is done. As a residence of Burnaby, I just have duty to help our city be noticed the issue.

Two days after that, @cityofburnaby send me another notice and said their IT team has applied the needed fix. The error is now resolved for Chrome browser on cell phones.

cityofburnaby SSL issue fixed

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Setting Goals

When you own a business, you might think that the way you will succeed is by customers buying the things in your store. While this is the best way to make money, you can also use technology to increase sales and have a successful company as executive Charles E Phillips has done.

First, look at what you want to accomplish by running the business. Is it something that you want to do to take up time after you retire, or are you planning on using the business as a way of life to support your family? Think about ways that you can use technology to advertise and get customers into the store. Make a list of all often improvements that you want in the store as well as the new items that you want to include so that customers stay happy while they are shopping.

After you know what you want from your business, you can then proceed to develop these ideas into reality. You can use technology in the store that is offered online, or you can use a company outside of the company so that you don’t have to worry with all of the facts and figures that are associated with the money needed for improvements and how long it will take to get the improvements completed. You might be able to hire someone to come to the store to get the work done for you, but this will usually only work for small businesses. Don’t use technology that you don’t understand. Find a program that you will be comfortable with. If you know what you’re doing, then it will make the process flow smoothly so that you can get a start on making the improvements you desire. Look at your goals and the budget that you have so that you don’t run out of money. Software can help you keep all of your expenses and income separate so that you know exactly how much money you have invested in the store and how much you have to use for improvements.

Make sure others know of your plans. If you are the only one working, then you won’t get a lot done. If you already have people working for you, then consider letting some of them take over the technological aspect of the company so that you can focus on the needs of the customers. You also want to set a time frame as to when you want to get the improvements completed. Don’t set something that doesn’t give you enough time, but you don’t want to spend a year on remodeling the store if it will only take a few months. This can be a waste of money, and you will see that more money will likely be spent on items that aren’t necessary. Use benchmarks to get organized with your goals. These are small goals that will help you reach the finished project. A spreadsheet or file online can help keep everything in line with how much you have spent and the inventory that you currently have.

5 Twitter Tips for Newbies in 2014

MetroTwit screenshot

Twitter is one of the best, if not the only best, social networking web site. Covering most countries in the world. As a newbie on Twitter, what is the basic tips?

I have my Five tips for newbies in 2014.

1) Complete your Profile

Of course, you should have a twitter account. If you don’t have it, just register one on Twitter web site.

When you have your account, sign in and click the right gear icon on the top navigation banner. Then, click Edit Profile.

Twitter Profile
Twitter Account Profile

You’d better to complete all information on this page.  Such as photo, header, website URL, Bio. The URL in the Bio will automatically be click-able link.

They will be shown on the Profile summary page, when people search you. Very important.

2) How to use Search

A good search tool has same features. User friendly.

Easy to search other users; easy to search event; easy to search tweets.

Twitter has it own search, powerfully.

For example, I input “Global” in the search box. Twitter provides auto-suggestion terms in the pull-down list. You can find some just a suggested keywords, some with avatar are users. And sometimes it will show you some terms with hashtag #, it is used to search tagged content. These search functions are very helpful. User does not have to think how to input the search terms in the search box.


There are some search tips for you:

  • Search keywords exactly: put two or three words inside of quote.
  • Search either one of two words: put or in the middle of two words.
  • Do not include one word in the search results: put the minus sign in front of this word.

3) Check the hot topic, or Twitter trends

It is the official tool, go to

Twitter Search Home

Above is the Trends when I sign in my account. The trends is provided based on my account, history, or the people I follow.

You can also see Worldwide Trends, if you are not sign in. It is interesting to see what people focused in other places.

twitter search home worldwide


4) Use twitter desktop application

Twitter did not have good web interface previously. It changed or upgraded many time. Now it is better. But somebody still want to use third-party desktop tool, just like me. Most of time I use MetroTwit. There are some choice for you, tweetdesk (now it is by twitter), MetroTwit, hootsuite, janetter. You can try to install every each desktop tool and try at least one or two days. Then make your choice.

MetroTwit screenshot


5) Figure out who is influential on Twitter

Just see who has the most followers. But don’t worry about it. Twitter automatically recommends followees for new accounts. There are also some websites provide the service. Go to following web site and see if it is interesting. If you like it, just follow them. Then you will have something on your timeline.

Twitaholic home page

The basic Five tips for newbies. Start to use Twitter and find interesting people and event.


Get more Audience from Social Media

It is a hard task for a newbie, to get more audience from social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Stack Overflow, etc.

From my point of view, More audience from Facebook, means more Likes on Facebook Page. Otherwise, you need a lot of fans/friends on your Facebook account.

To get more likes or share on your Facebook page, you should know some key facts.

  • More Likes on photos than those on video, links.
  • More Likes in the weekends than those in the weekdays.
  • More Likes at night than those at the day time.

So, post or make an update on your Facebook pages with above guide.

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Increase Blog Traffic 2014

There are so many tips to help blogger to increase blog traffic. Here is my list for 2014.


  • Make my blog content SEO-Friendly.
  • Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Add Graphics, photos and illustrations.
  • Frequently modify or improve my own posts.
  • Enable Subscriptions.
  • Welcome user comments.
  • Participate Q&A sites, including Yahoo Answer,, Quora, StackExchange, etc.
  • Publish posts regularly.
  • publish posts often


Which Social Plugins is the best for WordPress?

There are some plugins or services on market for WordPress. I checked them and compared them. Tried some and found the best choice of Social Media Plugin for WordPress 3.7.

The top two are AddThis and shareThis

From 2012, AddThis is the superior content sharing plug-in. It has more features and more control on the fly. Look at the following chart from Google Trending.

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Day 4 and Day 5 – Two Week Campaign

Weekend, it is time for rest, but I am still keep my two week campaign moving on.
Remove some old code from monthly archives. These code make the page shown very slow.
Follow twelve people on twitter each day.
Make a new kind archive template. It generate the last 10 post each category. Then I can pick one or two categories and shown them on home page. Right now I add Hardware, Software and Internet on home page. These three are most active categories.

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Day 3 – Two Week Campaign

Social Networks play very important roles in current Internet world. From Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, these giant social player, to Pinterest, Path, Intagram, Foursquare, smaller networks.
All I want to do today, is to make a plan. Be an active users in above social networks.
Frankly speaking, I am a heavy user of Twitter. There is a small Chrome window staying at the second monitor.
I have 608 followers right now. Here is a tool can track the changes of your followers.
Another tool is call, which can tell you who isn’t following you back.
It is kind easy, when I check the people who I am not follow back, I can follow them. I can also take certain action to those does not follow back to me.
Regarding Facebook, I spend a lot of time on it. Social and Games.
Game is also part of social. My Facebook page of David Yin’s Blog. It is another way to get more people to follow me.
Google is not good at Social network. It failed many times. But, it looks it is serious this time.
I will try to use Google Plus as my third social network tool. Hope it can attract new audience here.

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Day 2 – Two Week Campaign

Today, I reviewed the whole site with some tools. Then made changes on template files, images file to improve

1) I have feed on my web site. So any one want to subscribe can click the icon.
First, I check the feed file. Found it has some errors. So, I fixed it and check it with W3C Validation service.
Now it is [Valid Atom 1.0]

2) I put Facebook like button on entry page before. Later I removed it and replace it by a social service, named AddThis.
When I review HTML code, I found some leftover on pages. So I clean the code at templates. Then rebuild the site.

3) Since I mentioned AddThis service, I used Share Buttons codes on two places per web page. One is just below the post title. The other one is next to my related posts section. To improve the load speed of web pages, I replaced the Share Buttons by Smart Layers. It is one piece code, mobile ready. I copy and paste the code just in front of the ending body tag. Now you can see three places with different functions. On the left, there are five button to share the post. On the up right corner, there are four icons, including Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, and Google Plus. These icons are link to my profile page of these Social Network.
And the last, on the bottom of the webpage, recommended content are provided from my blog.

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Backupify -TweetBackup service retired

I am using Backupify to backup my tweets. Now it announced that this service is discontinued.

Your TweetBackup account will continue to back up for the next 30 days, until June 13th. Access to the service, and your data, will be disabled on June 28th. You will have the full 45 days to export any data. Please visit our Tweetbackup service shutdown FAQs answers to common questions, or you can also contact support directly with your questions.

Actually, when Twitter provide Twiter Archive service, it is not necessary to use the third-party backup service.

It is easy to do it.

  • Sign in
  • Click Settings
  • Under Account tab, scroll to the bottom, click the button beside the Your Twitter archive.
  • Then you will receive an email with the archive download link.

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