Today, I reviewed the whole site with some tools. Then made changes on template files, images file to improve

1) I have feed on my web site. So any one want to subscribe can click the icon.
First, I check the feed file. Found it has some errors. So, I fixed it and check it with W3C Validation service.
Now it is [Valid Atom 1.0]

2) I put Facebook like button on entry page before. Later I removed it and replace it by a social service, named AddThis.
When I review HTML code, I found some leftover on pages. So I clean the code at templates. Then rebuild the site.

3) Since I mentioned AddThis service, I used Share Buttons codes on two places per web page. One is just below the post title. The other one is next to my related posts section. To improve the load speed of web pages, I replaced the Share Buttons by Smart Layers. It is one piece code, mobile ready. I copy and paste the code just in front of the ending body tag. Now you can see three places with different functions. On the left, there are five button to share the post. On the up right corner, there are four icons, including Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, and Google Plus. These icons are link to my profile page of these Social Network.
And the last, on the bottom of the webpage, recommended content are provided from my blog.

4) I used to have PostTwiOauth plugin installed on MovableType. When I publish a new post, it will automatically send a tweet on behalf of me.
Easy, but it is broken when Twitter changed its API to version 1.1.
Until today, I found this problem. I upgrade PostWitOauth to 0.47. It works with Twitter API 1.1 perfectly.

5) Review the HTML code.
Use H1, H2, and H3 on every page. Make sure to use H1 just once. H2 and H3 can be used many times.
There are some pages have more than one H1 tag. So, I keep the important one. Change the others to H2 or H3.

6) The last change I did is Favicon.ico
I have it on my website root. It is a Chinese Character of my last name. Because it is a blog in English. I changed it to an capital Y, font is Script MT Bold.

How to make my favicon.ico file?

I make a jpg file at PhotoShop. It is 32×32 size. Then go to Favicon Generator site. Upload the file I made. Then download the favicon.ico file and save to the root directory of my site. Then include the following code in the head of HTML document.

	<link href="/favicon.ico" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" />
	<link href="/favicon.ico" rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" />

So I made six changes here today. What about tomorrow.

David Yin

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