It is later to post the updates of the optimization campaign.
The works I did in these days is very important and very basic. It is boring and time-consuming. There is no shortcut.

I spend hours to check the broken links on my site here.
Based on the program which is follow the href links in html files, over 400 broken links found. There are different situations.

  • Sites are shutdown. Links to them are removed.
  • Domain name of site is changed, 301 redirect implemented. Links to them are updated.
  • Structures of sites are changed, content is moved to other URL. Links to them are updated.

To keep my site in good status is very important.  Actually it is important to any site.

  • Clean the dead links.
  • Make the site faster.
  • Help visitors get the content they want.
  • Links to good neighbours.
  • Get the links from better neighbours.

They do not affect the web traffic directly, but affect the site in good way for a longer period. I trust the works I did during past 14 days will help

Since the traffic target did not meet. My two week campaign failed to some extent. So that, I will launch a new campaign. Maybe I will call it crazy plan. The only target is increase traffic.

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