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Upgrade Calibre to 0.9.31

I do like Calibre. It is must-have for any one who has a Kindle Touch.  I use Calibre almost every week to sychonize my books between PC and Kindle Touch. It is great to convert the format of books and keep all books in order. New features of 0.9.31 Book list: Highlight the current cell

Submit website to Directory

Here is a website directory service. It is a best time to submit your store, your blog, or any type of web site to G2links.com. It started in 2007. Just few weeks ago, it is re-launched and your site has a lot of chances to be listed on it. Since there are less high quality

Website Directory for you

G2links is a family friendly directory, which keeps growing. I upgrade this web directory to latest version. You can submit your site with confidence. For web users, you can use the site link of the directory. It is safe. Every site, or every link is reviewed by an human editor. No spam link on it.