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Double my blog traffic in two weeks

I did a lot of research on Google, and try to find the way to double the web traffic of this blog.

First post I read has 4 tips to double the traffic.

1) Mapping of meta tag

Find top 10 pages from Google Analytics backend. Improve meta description and remove meta keywords.

2) On page optimization

Choose one keyword for each of top 10 pages and improve theĀ  on page optimization.

3) Guest blogging

Do guest blogging on relevant industrial blogs.

4) Submit Sitemap/ RSS feed to Webmaster Tools

Add sitemap and rss feed in Google Webmaster center.

vi published on May 24th, 2012

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Day 10 to Day 14 – Two Week Campaign

It is later to post the updates of the optimization campaign.
The works I did in these days is very important and very basic. It is boring and time-consuming. There is no shortcut.

I spend hours to check the broken links on my site here.
Based on the program which is follow the href links in html files, over 400 broken links found. There are different situations.

  • Sites are shutdown. Links to them are removed.
  • Domain name of site is changed, 301 redirect implemented. Links to them are updated.
  • Structures of sites are changed, content is moved to other URL. Links to them are updated.

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vnStat is a good network traffic monitor

I installed vnStat on one of my VPS. After about 20 days tracking, I ask the support of
What is the figures of past 20 days they monitored?
The support email me the report.
Month: 2012 Jul
Day Incoming Outgoing Total
12 47.65 MB 731.46 MB 779.11 MB
13 37.52 MB 593.08 MB 630.6 MB
14 84.81 MB 615.17 MB 699.98 MB
15 45.95 MB 658.43 MB 704.37 MB
16 48.44 MB 743.58 MB 792.02 MB
17 44.29 MB 647.25 MB 691.55 MB
18 40.19 MB 652.6 MB 692.78 MB
19 114.48 MB 642.12 MB 756.6 MB
20 47.86 MB 709.87 MB 757.73 MB
21 46.71 MB 687.91 MB 734.62 MB
22 55.72 MB 756.85 MB 812.57 MB
23 63.55 MB 927.75 MB 991.31 MB
24 96.13 MB 1.19 GB 1.29 GB
25 55.6 MB 676.65 MB 732.25 MB
26 35.63 MB 564.44 MB 600.08 MB
27 57.1 MB 994.59 MB 1.03 GB
28 50.95 MB 754.29 MB 805.24 MB
29 35.43 MB 637.68 MB 673.11 MB
30 36.95 MB 629.61 MB 666.55 MB
31 55.68 MB 610.07 MB 665.75 MB
The figure of my own records are as below:

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12 Tips to Increase Page Views on your Blog

There are a lot of articles on the Internet, telling you how to increase your blog web traffic. It is hard job, especially for a new blogger. I knew it. Because I am also start from a newbie.
Now, this blog, David Yin’s Blog is more than 8 years. If you check the archives, you may find the first post on October 19, 2004. Only three lines there.
I want share some tips to you. Actually 12 tips. To show you the ways to increase Page View on your Blog.
Be remarkable
If you already has some in a niche, that’s great. You can save a lot of time and work to make you remarkable.
If you do not have it. It takes time to build it.
Become an expert
Focus on one niche. Be prepared. You have to do a lot of homework to learn anything related to the niche you picked. Get more materials and have them on hand. Any time do it professionally.
Submit to Article Directories
It is a regular job. When you have some great article, submit it to article directories. Let them to spread your article, with the link of your original post.
You know, you are an expert, your knowledge is very helpful to others. That’s why they are willing to list your article on their directory.
Provide enough information
Any article you post on your Blog. You need provide at least one useful information. Do not waste your reader’s time. And your own time.
Provide enough information. Let the visitor came and found what they are looking for. Help them, then they will show their appreciate by visiting again.

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Blog Target in 30 days – Double the web traffic in thirty days

It is one of my new year resolutions. Because I always have a lot of new year resolutions, I make it as simple as possible this time.
Double the web traffic of blog in thirty days.
First of all, I have to evaluate the base of it.
During the last five months, the monthly average PV is 17,950, UV is 12,312.
How to do the calculation of the double my traffic is easy. I want my blog has 35,900 Pageview or 24,624 UV.

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2008 Traffic Report

I posted 203 posts in 2008 here. It is not many but still OK compared with the average blogger posts.
Let’s look at the traffic of 2008.
You can find the traffic is very stably. This is a standard Blog traffic report. Most visitors are new visitors. Bounce rate is higher than the regular website. Average time per visit is over 1 minute. They left my blog after finish reading one post or two.


The second screen shot can tell more about the traffic source.
87% visitors are referred by Search Engines.
About 5% are regular readers of David Yin’s Blog. They like my blog. You may be one of this 5%.
Most of my blog visitors are from USA. Some from Canada. Other countries are very few.

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