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Tips to Perfect Your Website’s Shopping Cart

Creating an online storefront for your business is child’s play with the right shopping cart ecommerce software. Regardless, there are several things you can do to optimize your shopping cart for the best results.

Keep Your Layout Consistent

Nothing’s more jarring than clicking on the “Buy” button and finding a foreign-looking shopping cart at the end. Theme your cart’s pages to closely match the rest of the site.

Streamline the Buying Process

Clunky paths to purchase will kill more sales than marginal products and iffy prices combined, according to Keep the buying process to five steps or less if possible and make account registration optional.

Make Your Pricing Transparent

Sticker shock in the form of shipping or tax add-ons can easily dissuade consumers at the end of the journey. Make sure that buyers know exactly what they’re singing on for beforehand.

Provide Numerous Payment Options

In an age where identity theft is rampant, many people are hesitant to cough up their debit card numbers. Give buyers a choice between PayPal, BitCoin, Stripe and a few other processors when they visit your ecommerce shopping cart.

Crack Down on Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts can decimate the bottom line if you’re not smart enough to prevent them from occurring. Send automated emails to potential buyers to remind them of their interrupted purchase.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

A killer shopping cart solution is the culmination of a variety of factors that are specific to your scenario. Play around with a few of the ideas mentioned here and see what works best.

Day 2 – Two Week Campaign

Today, I reviewed the whole site with some tools. Then made changes on template files, images file to improve

1) I have feed on my web site. So any one want to subscribe can click the icon.
First, I check the feed file. Found it has some errors. So, I fixed it and check it with W3C Validation service.
Now it is [Valid Atom 1.0]

2) I put Facebook like button on entry page before. Later I removed it and replace it by a social service, named AddThis.
When I review HTML code, I found some leftover on pages. So I clean the code at templates. Then rebuild the site.

3) Since I mentioned AddThis service, I used Share Buttons codes on two places per web page. One is just below the post title. The other one is next to my related posts section. To improve the load speed of web pages, I replaced the Share Buttons by Smart Layers. It is one piece code, mobile ready. I copy and paste the code just in front of the ending body tag. Now you can see three places with different functions. On the left, there are five button to share the post. On the up right corner, there are four icons, including Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, and Google Plus. These icons are link to my profile page of these Social Network.
And the last, on the bottom of the webpage, recommended content are provided from my blog.

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Upgrade to PostTwiOauth 0.47

I start to use PostTwiOauth to make a tweet when I have a new post here from May 2010. The latest update I did is almost two years ago. See how to upgrade to PostTwiOAuth 0.46

Recently I found it is not working any more. I make a new post, but there is no tweet about it on my twitter timeline. So I go to the author’s web site and found the update. PostTwiOauth 0.47

I have to upgrade to new version of PostTwiOauth, because Twitter API is upgraded from 1.0 to 1.1 on March 5, 2013.  The old PostTwiOauth 0.46 is supoort Twitter API 1.0.

Twitter API 1.1 is not compatiable with 1.0.
Then, I make the upgrade to new version.

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New look of G2Soft official site

G2Soft official site does not have many changes since 2005. It is time to make changes. So I did it. Now, new G2Soft.Net is designed with CSS3 and HTML5. Responsive web design. Compatible with Desktop, iPad, Mobile devices. All looks good. There are some new things on the site. Small facebook icon links to official facebook page. And Twitter bird icon links to twitter account.
Keep the same site structure, but with better look and better site performance, better user experience. Continue reading

Web Design for Small Business

The design of your website is an important element in its success. Your customers want a customized experience that will tell them what they want to hear and need to know. This means that you need to have an informative homepage that is part of a site that is easy to navigate.

Social media is a huge influence in the success or failure of your site. Make sure that you have share buttons on each page of your site. You want visitors and customers to be able to tell their friends about your site and what you have to offer.

A blog is another tool that you need to use to attract attention to your page. Having fresh content loaded to your site on a regular basis will help you stay relevant in search results and give visitors something to look forward to when they visit your site. The website builder from will help you customize your site to give it the look and feel that your customers want. It is a good idea to test your site before it goes live to see which fonts and colors work best as well as where you want to place ads for maximum clicks.

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Submit website to Directory

Here is a website directory service. It is a best time to submit your store, your blog, or any type of web site to
It started in 2007. Just few weeks ago, it is re-launched and your site has a lot of chances to be listed on it.
Since there are less high quality web directory you can find to submit your site. It is a chance you can not miss.
Click the link of G2links and find the right category to submit your business.

Piwik Web Analytics upgrade to 1.7.1

Just noticed that I have a Piwik installation to track one of my niche sites,
It is showing that Piwik 1.7.1 is here, go to upgrade.
OK, even I can not find the current version, I still go to Piwik official site to download the latest one.
The upgrade procedure is simple. Download, Unzip, Copy/Overwrite, Upgrade page.
Yes, when the upgrade page shows, I know the existing one is v1.5.1.
Let me record the major changes or updates from 1.5.1 to 1.7.1.

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12 Tips to Increase Page Views on your Blog

There are a lot of articles on the Internet, telling you how to increase your blog web traffic. It is hard job, especially for a new blogger. I knew it. Because I am also start from a newbie.
Now, this blog, David Yin’s Blog is more than 8 years. If you check the archives, you may find the first post on October 19, 2004. Only three lines there.
I want share some tips to you. Actually 12 tips. To show you the ways to increase Page View on your Blog.
Be remarkable
If you already has some in a niche, that’s great. You can save a lot of time and work to make you remarkable.
If you do not have it. It takes time to build it.
Become an expert
Focus on one niche. Be prepared. You have to do a lot of homework to learn anything related to the niche you picked. Get more materials and have them on hand. Any time do it professionally.
Submit to Article Directories
It is a regular job. When you have some great article, submit it to article directories. Let them to spread your article, with the link of your original post.
You know, you are an expert, your knowledge is very helpful to others. That’s why they are willing to list your article on their directory.
Provide enough information
Any article you post on your Blog. You need provide at least one useful information. Do not waste your reader’s time. And your own time.
Provide enough information. Let the visitor came and found what they are looking for. Help them, then they will show their appreciate by visiting again.

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Browser, OS and Screen Resolution data of 2011

I use Google Analytics on this Blog for many years. Now I would like to share the basic user technology statistics.
The Top 5 Browsers of 2011 are:

  • Firefox 35.36%
  • IE 25.89%
  • Chrome 21.56%
  • Safari 12.33%
  • Opera 1.93%

When I compare the first half year with the second half year data, Firefox and IE decreased, with Chrome increased.
More people start to use Chrome.
The Top 5 Operating System of 2011 are:

  • Windows 71.1%
  • Linux 9.67%
  • Mac 9.30%
  • iPhone 4.30%
  • Android 1.74%

I also compared the date. It seems more mobile devices visitor came.

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