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Start to Use Feedly cloud

I used selfoss about 5 month. As a replacement of Google Reader, it is good, but not good enough. The development is slow. The duplication of items still there. Now I give it up and go for Feedly. Feedly is a Cloud Feed Reader platform. I can read feeds on desktop. I can read feeds

Upgrade selfoss to v2.6

Selfoss programe is very helpful to me. There is also some issues, such as duplicate items. Anyway, I did the upgrade from 2.4 to v2.6 today. The upgrade procedures are simple. See following upgrade guide. For me, I just did step 1, 2,3. 1. backup your database and your “data” folder2. (IMPORTANT: don’t delete the

Weather Feed from Google

Tyler Hall mentioned that Google has a weather feed. I tried it. It is so good. Let me introduce it. Xuuuuuuuu!!!!, it is a secrete. Burnaby BC, Canada weather code http://www.google.com/ig/api?weather=Burnaby,BC&hl=en It can set language. This is Chinese version. http://www.google.com/ig/api?weather=Burnaby,BC&hl=zh-cn