It is a hard task for a newbie, to get more audience from social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Stack Overflow, etc.

From my point of view, More audience from Facebook, means more Likes on Facebook Page. Otherwise, you need a lot of fans/friends on your Facebook account.

To get more likes or share on your Facebook page, you should know some key facts.

  • More Likes on photos than those on video, links.
  • More Likes in the weekends than those in the weekdays.
  • More Likes at night than those at the day time.

So, post or make an update on your Facebook pages with above guide.

Twitter, is another Social Media. I feel it is much more interactive between two peers than other social media.

Now I have 700 followers. I would like to have more followers.

Q. How to spread the idea in the blog post?

A. Publish the post and tweet the post right away.


But, I am still looking for the plugin, which can help me tweet the post with the featured picture embedded.


To Get More Audience from other Social Media.

The only way is to be a active user in that society. Help others, and build the trust. It can not be done in a day. Or, in a week. It takes long time.




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