I have a Windows 7 64bit installation. It is not a normal Windows 7. It is Windows 7 N. Look at the N. When I installed a Movie Maker software and try to load it. There is an error said: MF.dll is missing.

It is a dll file. The software depends on it. I do not met this kind error before. So I search the error on Google. The answer is because of my N, the big N. It means it is not a regular Windows. I need a Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N.  Media Feature Pack is part of normal Windows OS, but Windows N take it away for some reason, or for some country regulation.

Anyway, I find the official place to download Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N with Service Pack 1.

media feature pack for Windows 7 N

After downloading the file, it is about 310MB. and installing it on my Windows 7 N. The system need to be reboot two times to complete the installation.

Then, Movie Maker is loaded without error. No more MF.dll missing error.

More information of it, you can check the article number KB968211 on support.microsoft.com

Later, I found Windows 10 N has similar issue. Here is the link for Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N and Windows 10KN editions (November 2015)

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