Post your new Blog post notice on Facebook from MovableType

I have a blog which is powered by MovableType.

Everyone use facebook, almost everyone. I think to put a notice on Facebook when I have new post on my Blog is a good idea. So I did a search and finally found this one, FBWallPost.

FBWallPost is build by the same author of PostTwiOauth.

PostTwiOauth is another plugin for MovableType, which is used to publish a tweet on twitter when a new blog post published.

FBWallPost can do the same job, but on Facebook.

The latest version of FBWallPost is v 0.17.

My experience of it is as below:

  • MovableType 6.2.2.
  • Facebook API 2.5


Here is the official page of FBWallPost plugin.

Here is the backup link of the plugin v0.17, I prefer you can download it from the official site.

Now, it is my simply way to install it.

  1. Download the plugin file with tar format
  2. Decompress it and copy the plugin files into my MovableType plugin folder
  3. Sign in MT backend and go to System > plugins list, to check it, make sure it is enabled.
  4. Go to the blog section.
  5. Go to Tools > plugins > FBWallPost
  6. Follow the link on settings:
    1. Register a APP, choose WEB Site. (Enter contact email, change status to live)
    2. Enter the App ID and Secret into settings, Save
    3. Get Access token
    4. Choose Facebook page, I will post on page, not profile
    5. Post Test.
    6. Done

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