New type of media campaign

There are so many types of media campaigns for advertisement. Like television commercial, posters on the street, web site ads, flyers in store, etc. Today, I would like to introduce a new one, Radioactive Media.

RadioActive Media is a marketing tool. It relay on the Internet Radio stations, with a huge number of networks. It covers 70 million listen per month. These 300 million hours of ad-supported streaming will be increased to 400 million hours or even more.

There are more and more people using smartphone to listen streaming music. The number is above 45%  of smartphone users.

A lot of companies already used RadioActive service to introduce their services to new markets. Including British Airways, Logmein, SolarCity, Zoho, Crystal  Boday Deodrant, etc. Do you want to be a member of this new media group. You can try it.

RadioActive creates memorable radiio commercials carefully designed to drive listeners to your business. They help building your brands along with verifiable results.


Look at the home page of the official site. When you go to HOSTS, you will see a list of hosts in radio, such SiriusXM, iHeart Radio, ESPN Radio, WestwoodOne, Pandora Radio, Bonneville International, etc.

It also works great with other types ads. RadioActive can coupled radio, print and online ads with point-of-purchase campaigns, to maximum the performance of the power of ads.


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