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New type of media campaign

There are so many types of media campaigns for advertisement. Like television commercial, posters on the street, web site ads, flyers in store, etc. Today, I would like to introduce a new one, Radioactive Media.

RadioActive Media is a marketing tool. It relay on the Internet Radio stations, with a huge number of networks. It covers 70 million listen per month. These 300 million hours of ad-supported streaming will be increased to 400 million hours or even more.

There are more and more people using smartphone to listen streaming music. The number is above 45%  of smartphone users.

A lot of companies already used RadioActive service to introduce their services to new markets. Including British Airways, Logmein, SolarCity, Zoho, Crystal  Boday Deodrant, etc. Do you want to be a member of this new media group. You can try it.

RadioActive creates memorable radiio commercials carefully designed to drive listeners to your business. They help building your brands along with verifiable results.


Look at the home page of the official site. When you go to HOSTS, you will see a list of hosts in radio, such SiriusXM, iHeart Radio, ESPN Radio, WestwoodOne, Pandora Radio, Bonneville International, etc.

It also works great with other types ads. RadioActive can coupled radio, print and online ads with point-of-purchase campaigns, to maximum the performance of the power of ads.


Upgrade O!Play to 1.21N

Today, I upgrade O!Play firmware from 1.17N to 1.21N. There are so many new features I would like to show.
On v1.18
Update Item:
1.Improve subtitle font support for the missing characters
2.Add in txt subtitle format support
3.Add in file and folder management function. Press left key to delete or rename it.
4.Add in 0.9x zoom out option
5.Add in sleep timer function
On v1.21
Internet service:
1. Over 20,000 internet radio stations
2. Over 100 internet TV channels
3. Flickr
4. Picasa
5. Weather

New functions:
1. Add BD iso navigation and subtitle identification
2. Add BD/DVD direct play by folder
3. Add hue and saturation tuning in video setup menu
4. Add Brazil language support
5. Add power saving function in system setup menu
6. Add My shortcut edit function
Fixed bugs:
1. Fix UPnP bug: wrong data information
2. Fix Timezone setting bug: can’t stop issue
3. Fix Clear key does not work when key in encrypted string
4. Improve JiPin 8042 HDMI compatibility

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Upgrade O!Play firmware

I have an Asus O!Play media player almost one month. It comes with firmware Version 1.07N. The N means NTSC.
Just in one week. Asus released two firmware, 1.11 and 1.13.
New features including:
1.Improve the compatibility of HDMI cable
2.Add video/audio information when pressing “DISPLAY” button twice
3.Add thumbnail view for picture browsing
4.Add more setting choices of subtitle such as color, font size, and location etc.
5.Add sorting ways for easy file searching
You can download the latest firmware from Asus official site here.
Let me write down the steps of upgrading firmware of Asus O!play.
0. Go to the Asus official site to download the firmware file. It is about 36MB. The key is to make sure download the right file which is suitable to your TV. N for NTSC. P for PAL.
Decompress the file and copy the install.img into your USB disk.

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Blaze Media Pro 8.02

Blaze Media Pro is a powerful all-in-one multimedia application that offers conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning, playback, and much more. Powerful, yet easy to use audio, video, and data CD/DVD burning are all fully supported. VCD, SVCD, and DVD burning are supported. Other advanced features include video capture, video creation, combining, and extraction, video editing, copying of music CDs, audio and video merge (joining), MusicID audio recognition, lyrics search, audio tag editing, FreeDB support, and more. The audio content of video files can be extracted and saved to sound files, and frames can also be extracted to images files in batch mode. Video files can also be created from still frame images and/or other videos.
I would like to say Blaze Media Pro is a full function media software. It cost you $50. Before you purchse it, you can download it and try it and make a decision in 15 days.
It can doing audio converterjobs, which include CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, MPEG-4, AIFF, M4A, AAC, AC3, FLAC, and ALAC, and two-way conversions among MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, ASF, Flash (SWF and FLV), iPod, PSP, 3GP, and MOV are available for video. MPEG options are available for VCD, SVCD, and DVD compliant output. DVD ripping, and audio compression functionality are also present. When converting from audio CD, track information can be dynamically downloaded from the CDDB and used to automatically name saved files.
It is also a MOV converter. You can convert MOV to AVI, MPEG, and WMV.
Video editing is available for AVI (uncompressed), AVI (compressed using any available codec), MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, and ASF. Comprehensive video editing operations are provided (delete frame, delete selection, crop, resize, rotate, mirror, flip, trim, text overlay, adjust audio volume, etc.). So video encoder is one of the most important modul of it.

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