When I post the Mastodon Self-hosting – Clean Media Storage with tootctl command, I forget to record how I prepare the environment.

Before I run the tootctl command, I did the following.

sudo su - mastodon
echo "export RAILS_ENV=production" >> ~/.bashrc

I checked the version of tootctl.

mastodon@instance-20230911-1538:~/live/bin$ ./tootctl --version

I saw someone using the bash file with the configuration.

Look at the media usage today.

mastodon@instance-20230911-1538:~/live/bin$ ./tootctl media usage
Attachments:    260.1 MB (26.9 MB local)
Custom emoji:   93.0 MB (269.8 KB local)
Preview cards:  8.3 MB
Avatars:        191.9 MB (18.8 KB local)
Headers:        62.3 MB (85.5 KB local)
Backups:        0 字节
Imports:        0 字节
Settings:       289.6 KB

It is based on the setting below:

  • Relays:  Disabled all relay URL
  • Content Retention:  2 days Media Cache, 7 days Content cache, and 3 days User archive.


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