Upgrade O!Play firmware

I have an Asus O!Play media player almost one month. It comes with firmware Version 1.07N. The N means NTSC.
Just in one week. Asus released two firmware, 1.11 and 1.13.
New features including:
1.Improve the compatibility of HDMI cable
2.Add video/audio information when pressing “DISPLAY” button twice
3.Add thumbnail view for picture browsing
4.Add more setting choices of subtitle such as color, font size, and location etc.
5.Add sorting ways for easy file searching
You can download the latest firmware from Asus official site here.
Let me write down the steps of upgrading firmware of Asus O!play.
0. Go to the Asus official site to download the firmware file. It is about 36MB. The key is to make sure download the right file which is suitable to your TV. N for NTSC. P for PAL.
Decompress the file and copy the install.img into your USB disk.

1. Insert the USB Flash drive( install.img inside ) to USB port of your Media Player. The
System will recognize the firmware in the USB Flash drive automatically.
2. Press the SETUP button on the Remote controller and the setup screen will be displayed.
3. Click on the System item and press OK. Then navigate to the system Upgrade and press
OK to start updating.
4. At this moment, the Power LED of O!Play will turn from BLUE to RED and following screen
will be displayed.
The whole upgrade process may take about 4~5 minutes. Don’t turn off it or restart it.