Just found the update description on o!Play HDP-R1 firmware v1.33

O!Play HDP-R1 firmware update (For NTSC TV system user)
1. Add Podcast media service
2. Shorten the time of samba scanning
3. Improve HDMI compatibility
4. Fix photo slide show issue: system will be reset when playing some jpg files
5. Fix weather service issue: reset issue
6. Fix it can’t play OGG file
7. Fix ASUS RT-11N firewall issue.
8. Fix exif issue: can’t show correctly
9. Fix volume UI issue: sometimes can’t disappear
10. Fix stopping photo with music issue: the system will stop photo first and then music
11. Fix file copy issue: the File copy UI can’t disappear
12. Change the audio driver firmware

Will update my media player this weekend.

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  1. How do I find the download sites for any updates, have tried no success, oplay is has original firmware from factory please help

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