Last time I upgraded Asus O!Play to v1.33N in last Oct. So check the official site, found the latest one is v1.38N.
There is also v1.35N in between.
The updates from v1.33 to v1.38 are below.

  • Add new feature: Hungarian menu support.
  • Fix bug: O!Play will restart when inserting ASUS HS-1000W.
  • Added MKV header compression format support
  • Fixed the bug: The “N” letter of Greek subtitle cannot be displayed correctly on the screen.

Upgrade process is very simple.
1) Download firmware from Asus Tek site.
2) Extract it to a USB disk.
3) Turn on media device, Asus O!Play HDP-R1
4) Plug USB disk to media player.
5) Click setup, System, firmware, upgrade, confirm.
After a few minutes, the system upgrade done.

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