Upgrade Asus o!play firmware to 1.29N

I did the upgrade of my Asus O!Play last month.
It is great to have so many features on it and keep add new features when upgrading.
I have written a post about how to Upgrade O!Play firmware. It is helpful. Because I saw lots of people doing the search and landed on my post to get the guide of upgrading.
Let us see what is new in 1.29N firmware.

Actually I upgrade my Asus O!Play from 1.24N to 1.29N.
From 1.24 to 1.28
1.Add 5000 Internet TV Channels
2.Add RSS News
3.Add stock inquiry
4.Add support for wireless headset (only ASUS HS-1000W is capable for current)
5.Add support for external optical disk drive with homemade VCD/DVD (only ASUS SDRW-0D1S-U is capable for current)
From 1.28 to 1.29
1.Add support for Dolby TrueHD/DDP downmix
2.Fix it can’t play some files from AV out when set Audio digital out as SPDIF LPCM
Download link of Asus O!Play firmware 1.29N