The previous post I wrote explain why 500 internal error happen when MovableType publishing.
At the last, I promise that I will tell you how to solve this problem without upgrading your sharing host to VPS.
KEY point: The 120MB memory limit is per user.
If you know that, the answer is simple.
In one Dreamhost account, you can create many, many users. So
Create a new user for Movabletype powered blog.

Follow my step by step howto.
1) Login
2) Domains > Manage Domain
3) Click EDIT link of the domain which has Movabletype on.
4) Just under Users, Files, and Paths
Click the pulldown menu of users, choose create a new user.
5) After enter the new user name, then new option shows that
Move files to the new user?
Keep it as checked.
6) Click the blue “Change Settings” button.
After few minutes, all files under this domain, will be copied to new user account.
Then the 500 internal error gone.
You can use linux command top to check how much memory used per user.

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4 Replies to “Solution of Dreamhost memory limitation

  1. I am not sure how this helps. If you create a new user that has a 120MB limit, won’t you just continue to get 500 internal errors if you go above that limit? I’m having a hard time understanding how moving everything to a new user will fix this problem.

  2. Thanks so much, you just saved me a ton of money, I had my credit card out ready to sign up for VPS hosting only because I did not know it was per user, and of course Dreamhost support was not going to offer that bit of information.

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