Update error: 0xC80001FE on Windows 2000 sp4

I have an Windows 2000 sp4 in office. I tried to update it, but always get Update error: 0xC80001FE.
I do a lot of search to find the way to fix it. You know, the security issue is the most important problem of Windows. Especially for this almost 10 years old Operation System.
OK, the good answer is I got the solution for Update error: 0xC80001FE.
Let me note it here.

0) Stop the McAfee on-access scanning, or just turn off McAfee.
1) Stop the Automatic Updates service;
2) Delete C:\WINNT\SoftwareDistribution folder;
3) Execute Microsoft Update (C:\WINNT\system32\rundll32.exe C:\WINNT\system32\muweb.dll,LaunchMUSite).
After that, the Microsoft Windows Update find 25 updates need to be installed in my Windows 2000. About 20 updates are critical issues.

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