Women are the real POWER in Social Media

Based on the surveys I read about the difference habits between women and men. It is all about Social Media.

Top Social Media

It shows the percentage of US Online Adults Using the Top Social Media

Women Men
Facebook 76% 66%
 Tumblr  54% 46%
 Pinterest  33%  8%
 Instagram  205  15%
 Twitter  18%  17%
 Linkedin  19%  24%

It is very clear, Women spend more time on social media than men.

Do you know why people go to social media and follow or intact with brands?

Women Men
show support 54% 44%
access offers 53% 36%
stay current 39% 33%
comment 28% 25%

Regarding mobile devices, of course, more women than men.

1. Smartphones: 46% Women; 43% Men

2. Tablets: 32% Women; 20% Men

It is not surprising me when I saw above data. My daughters, one is 13, the other one is 10, they spend more than 30% time on social media site on their total computer hours. It does not count the time they spend on Samsung tablet and android phone.

And also 30% women using social media several times per day. For men, the percentage is 26%.