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New Campaign for my Blog

It is a new year, 2019. Almost passed the first quarter.

I would like to increase Blog traffic in 2019. So, It is a new two weeks campaign.

There are certain things I will do on my blog.

  • Clean the old post.
  • Fix or remove the broken links.
  • Blog UI re-design or change.
  • Improve the web page load speed.
  • Fix the featured image of each post.
  • Make more post on my Blog.
  • Promote the Blog on Search Engine.
  • Promote the Blog on Social Media Site.
  • Connection with other blog and/or web sites.
  • On-site optimization.

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Unversity of Florida provides Social Media Master Degree


Fifteen years ago, most people couldn’t even imagine how much we would come to depend on the Internet and social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Vimeo and all the others available. Now almost everyone is so familiar with them that these are household names. Forward-thinking business people can plan how to use them for advertising, marketing, journalism, public relations and creating brands. It’s important for individuals planning to enter the specialized fields of advertising, marketing and public relations to be able to track social media as well as analyze and assess its impact.

Advantages of a Master’s Degree in Social Media

A Master’s Degree in Social Media can give you the opportunity to obtain the tools, techniques and practical knowledge to use this new opportunity to expand your professional reach. Many schools even offer programs to earn this degree online. Advantages include:

-The opportunity to focus on information and techniques to take advantage of adaptation, developing craft and delivering customized social media content.
-This degree, as the first of its kind, can help you stay ahead of the breaking curve, establishing yourself as an innovator and asset to your current company.
-The courses are flexible and adaptable so you can complete a master’s degree in as little as 18 months.
-These courses are immediately useful in your business or creative endeavor.

In the process of your studies, you will gain information about social media, its development and history as well as the sociological implications of this type of media in society. Since the field is so new, different areas of expertise are constantly developing. The University of Florida has a social media degree to help with creative ways to use social media in a number of settings. The potential of this degree and the learning you can obtain from it is staggering. No matter what field you are currently engaged in, this education will be useful in many ways. With the convenience of earning it online and the risk of being left behind as the rest of the world continues to advance, there isn’t any reason not to pursue an advanced degree.

Get more Audience from Social Media

It is a hard task for a newbie, to get more audience from social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Stack Overflow, etc.

From my point of view, More audience from Facebook, means more Likes on Facebook Page. Otherwise, you need a lot of fans/friends on your Facebook account.

To get more likes or share on your Facebook page, you should know some key facts.

  • More Likes on photos than those on video, links.
  • More Likes in the weekends than those in the weekdays.
  • More Likes at night than those at the day time.

So, post or make an update on your Facebook pages with above guide.

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Women are the real POWER in Social Media

Based on the surveys I read about the difference habits between women and men. It is all about Social Media.

Top Social Media

It shows the percentage of US Online Adults Using the Top Social Media

Women Men
Facebook 76% 66%
 Tumblr  54% 46%
 Pinterest  33%  8%
 Instagram  205  15%
 Twitter  18%  17%
 Linkedin  19%  24%

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