It is a new year, 2019. Almost passed the first quarter.

I would like to increase Blog traffic in 2019. So, It is a new two weeks campaign.

There are certain things I will do on my blog.

  • Clean the old post.
  • Fix or remove the broken links.
  • Blog UI re-design or change.
  • Improve the web page load speed.
  • Fix the featured image of each post.
  • Make more post on my Blog.
  • Promote the Blog on Search Engine.
  • Promote the Blog on Social Media Site.
  • Connection with other blog and/or web sites.
  • On-site optimization.

Changes are tough and painful. But if no changes, it will die.

I already prepared tons of resources. Make the blog better, make more traffic.


David Yin’s Blog UI 2018

Based Awstats report on Feb. 2019.

Total 6164 unique visitors, 10,669 visits, 31,803 pages.


Based Google Analytics report on Feb. 2019.

Total 2,987 sessions. Page/session is 1.22.

As a personal blog, web traffic is very small. Compared to the traffic before, it is also smaller. I will give a report in the early next month. Show the comparison of Feb and March.

The new blog campaign started on March 19, 2019. So maybe I can not call it “two weeks campaign”. I should call it ten days campaign for Blogging.

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