two week Campaign

I would like to share my experience of web site marketing. Here, my blog will be a new start. I make it as a sample to show you how I promote my site on Internet.

Current status of Yinfor Site is as below:

Daily visits: less than 170.

  • PR:0
  • Alexa:470,489
  • Compete:2,328,381

Page Index:

  • Google:13,700
  • Bing:1,900


  • Tweete: 2

Target of Campaign:

  • Build back links
  • Attract more audience

It is hard to give the number I want to make. The reason why I can not is I can meet any target, but I still want get higher archivement.

To make it easy to measure the performance of this TWO WEEK Campaign, I put the target below: (maybe too easy)

Double the traffic, double the backlinks

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