My parents in law have a computer bought 2 or 3 years ago from Bestbuy. It is eMachine T2542.
Last week, it did not work suddenly. The problem based on their description is:
1. When push the power button, green light blinks for a second then NOTHING.
2. If push it twice, no blink, NOTHING.
3. Wait a few minutes, push button, #1 happens again.
No signal sent to monitor.
I trust it must be the power supply. It is a PS failure. Maybe the mother board failure at the same time. Look at the post here.
I am not hundred percent sure, because they are in San Francisco.

Ok, I think it is time to get a new one.
The computer is cheaper this week. The price will rise in the Christmas shopping season next two weeks.
I will check it on, or

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  1. Short but may help. My name is Lester Keith and if you are a sort of a do it your selfer or an all time do it type a person. If any lites at all and you don’t see smoke or smell something burning from your pc. Take the cover off “DANGER” to some people so I’m not responsible for anything good or bad.. Let me refrase my comment.. I knew this guy once who had a pos. machine anyway he took the cover off it- he unpluged it first- because it just would not come on one morning.Let’s just say the switch was good. thats pretty easy to test. Anyway and bla bla bla he took a hair dryer to the mobo near the capacitors first about a minute then apply power and push power button if need to. heat up again and try it again. Used common sense don’t melt it may just do it three different times if no change then stop. When it came on he knew it was the mobo not power supply. BAD Capacitor.. When it came on he did a full back-up to cd or dvd disc. Next day no power again; hair dryer then it came on. He changed some caps and fixed it. If you don’t feel comfortable about doing this.. Don’t.

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