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Top 10 Domain Registrars in 2014

Domain Price is going up and up during past few years. Most of my domains are registered through 1and1. Now the renewal price of .com is $14.99 now. I feel it is too high. There are so many domain registrars in the market. Let me show you the top 10 domain registrars in 2014. New.com

DIR-845L vs DIR-826L

One of readers asked the difference between DIR-845L and DIR-826L. I did a lot of research online before purchasing my new Router. They have a similar shape. Not easy to distinguish them without look at the back. There are not many differences between these two router, but the difference are important. The following information are

Pro and Con of Dreamhost

I am using Dreamhost for more than 7 years. It is not perfect, but trustful. There are some Pro and Con lists. It is my list below. Pro Clearity: DreamHost status tells what happen on their network, server, services. Dreamhost newsletters provide a overall information update every month. Support Knowledge Wiki, easy to find the

Component vs Composite vs S-Video vs Coaxial

When we are shopping for a TV or DVD player, etc, we are always confusing by the different connection. Let me keep these comparison for reference. S-Video (Separated-Video) is better than a composite video connection. S-Video A standard 4-pin S-Video cable connector, with each signal pin paired with its own ground pin. Standard S-Video connection.

Kobo original vs Kindle 3

I ordered Kobo and Kindle. Kobo is on the way to my home. I will properly get it this week. I have to wait Kindle next month. Anyway, I still can do some pre-research on them. I am watching on following points. 1) Screen Size Kobo: 6″ Kindle: 6″ Same size. 2) Screen greyscale level


Testfreaks is a site aggregating all information about your favorite products. User reviews, professional reviews, prices, blog posts, forum threads, news, rumors, manufacturers descriptions and specifications, manuals, videos and more. For example, I want to buy a mono laser printer, Lexmark E120. I do the search on the Testfreaks, and got the product page which