I have a iPod Shuffle, 2nd Generation, Model No:A1204, EMC No:2125.

It is dead, because I forgot it in my pocket in the laundry day.  So it is my another tear-down toy to know how it assembled.


The tear down step by step guide is from ifixit site. Link

I just make my own how-to for reference.

1) Use hear-dryer to heat the top and bottom white parts, then use a tweezers to take off the white parts.


Top view


Bottom view

2)  Then use a small screw driver to remove the two Phillips #00 screws on the top of the Shuffle and another two on the bottom.

3) Use a tweezers to remove these two metal retaining bracket on both sides.

4) Push the logic board through the case and out of the Shuffle case.

At last, I have all parts disassembled and put them in a plastic plate as below.


This is the closer look at the circuit board.





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