Finally, UPS delivered Kindle to my home this morning. This is what I saw in the box of Amazon Kindle.

Small but cute box. I am waiting for so long.

Amazon logo in on the top.

It is Amazon Kindle 3 Keyboard, I ordered a week ago.

Here is the tacking information.


It is a cardboard box.

When I open the box, the Kindle is shown here.

Took the Kindle out, there are one USB cable and a quick reference booklet.

I just open it and do charging through USB cable with my computer.

The sleeping mode screen is beautiful. Full of birds.

The first thing I feel by comparing Kindle with Kobo is speed.
The speed to flip over pages. Kindle is faster than Kobo. Not a little bit, but a huge difference.

I will tell you how I feel of these two eReaders in the coming month.

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  1. Thank you! I got mine today and it’s exactly like yours, the Kindle is so beautiful! I have never been so in love with a gadget before!

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