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Calibre upgraded to 0.9.7

Release: 0.9.7 [23 Nov, 2012] Almost every time I use Calibre, I may download a new version, or update. Tons of bug fixs or some new features as blow. There are some new features: New Features Edit metadata dialog: Show the size of the current book cover in the edit metadata dialog. Closes tickets: 1079781

Open the box of Kindle

Finally, UPS delivered Kindle to my home this morning. This is what I saw in the box of Amazon Kindle. Small but cute box. I am waiting for so long. Amazon logo in on the top. It is Amazon Kindle 3 Keyboard, I ordered a week ago. Here is the tacking information. It is a

Open the box of Kobo

I got the Kobo eReader on Monday, but just got time to post it here. The package I received by Post Canada. Let us look at it. White bubble envelope. Can not tell what is inside from the package. It is not important. Keep reading the rest of the post. Let me open the bubble