When you think of social networking, perhaps you imagine logging onto your personal Facebook page and sharing photos or seeing friends’ events. You might not have considered social networking as a tool you can integrate into enterprise technology. The emergence of so-called enterprise social networking, though, has proven that this is a viable and valuable use of social media platforms. Whether you are an independent entrepreneur or a CEO, you can benefit from leveraging the potential of these platforms within your enterprise. Rather than existing solely for socialization, you can appropriate them to be used for vital communication and collaboration.

These are three of the top reasons to get started utilizing social networking for your company today. You might be surprised by how effective Twitter is when you are trying to roll out a new initiative and communicate with your whole team. Don’t wait to start integrating these platforms into your team’s daily workflow and routine.

Connect With Everybody Easily

When you are on Twitter or Facebook, you can easily connect with management, interns and everybody in between. Everybody else is using these networks, and bringing them into the workplace open a world of potential when it comes to initiating communication and building collaborative movement between personnel. Social networking in the office is a form of collaboration in and of itself, so of course, innovators such as Donald Burns are already tapping into this potential and developing a presence on Twitter. This is just one way to make yourself available to your team and open communication lines to facilitate collaboration.


Get a Transparent View of Current Events

Tech has its buzzwords and trends, and perhaps no phenomenon is better evidence that the hashtag. Hashtags can help anybody easily see posts that are all on a given topic, and it can also start trends and conversations that may not have otherwise taken place. Browsing the social network feed of any executive, like the aforementioned Donald Burns, will reveal just how important hashtags and social networking are. With resources like these, you can get a transparent and sweeping view of everything that’s going on at any given moment. That is an invaluable tool for you and your company.


Build the Visibility of Your Brand

There are many different ways to use social media in enterprise tech. You might use it to communicate with your team, initiate collaborations or you can employ it to improve your company and your brand’s visibility. In doing so, you can control the image that is projected to other users and the rest of your team. This is an important consideration when it comes to tailoring your social media presence to the needs of your company. Rather than simply using the account for one purpose, you can integrate all of these objectives into your use of social networking.

Social media and enterprise tech are not mutually exclusive—in fact, they are complementary and might prove to be a powerful combination for your company. No matter what you are trying to achieve with social networking, these tips can help you use it to the benefit of your organization.

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