Information About Building Your First Custom Android Application

Android applications are used by millions of people throughout the world every day. When you develop a good application, you can rest assured that you have a high chance at success. Learning more about the process and how to make your application the most profitable should be your priorities. This helps to get your application effectively launched and ensures that you are working toward the most profitability possible.


Planning for Android Application Development


The first step in custom Android application development is creating a solid development strategy and brainstorming an excellent application idea. Start by exploring the apps that are already on the market and work to solve a problem. For example, if you are creating an app that helps people track their personal finances, what can you offer that other apps do not have? This is going to be your starting point. You want to do the following during the planning stage:


  •          Conduct deep market research so that you know what is already available on the market
  •          Make sure to create with data efficiency
  •          Strike while the market is hot
  •          Know who your target audience is
  •          Create an effective and thorough marketing strategy
  •          Make sure to conduct research to know how to correctly price your app
  •          Make sure that you fully understand the Android platform
  •          Budget for sufficient time to fully test your app before you launch
  •          Create a reasonable budget for development
  •          Make sure to focus on crafting a catchy and detailed application description


Understanding the Application Development Process Basics


When you are developing an application, there are certain steps that come after the planning phase. It is important to understand these so that you can ensure a thorough process. You will start by choosing your platform and learning about it. From here, you start creating your application. Make sure to plan for tweaks and problems to occur. Consider navigation and user experience. Strive to make it as simple as possible and focus on simplicity in the backend.


Exploring a Popular Case Study


When you are working on custom Android application development, looking at some case studies can help you to make the right choices and avoid common mistakes. Redwerk did a case study on the CleanAgents application. This platform makes it possible for people to book various cleaning services fast. It works with reputable companies and has deals established on the application.


Redwerk developed this application from start to finish. The process included the requirements for discovery and analysis, testing, UI/UX design, application development, maintenance, submitting to Google Play and support.


The biggest challenge was making sure that this application was unique and offered something similar applications did not. It simplifies the process of cleaning services for both customers and professional cleaners. It is also easy to manage on the backend. It took just a month to deliver the application which is incredibly impressive. It utilized the services of two QA engineers, two developers and 4,093 lines of code.


Outsourcing Your Development for Better Profitability


Outsourcing your application development is often an economical choice. This is because you can work with a company that focuses on developing applications. When this is their focus, they have the right people ready to go and can complete your application efficiently. The faster it is developed, the lower your costs. These companies also guarantee that the application will be successful and offer complete returns, so if something goes wrong, you have not made any investment. If you opt to create your own application, even if it fails, you are out all of the money that you spent on development.


When you are searching for an outsource company to work with, you want to evaluate them thoroughly. Look for the following:


  •          Communication skills
  •          Experience and expertise
  •          Overall capabilities
  •          Their privacy and security policies
  •          Their success rate and development process
  •          If they guarantee timely delivery and project updates
  •          Their average cost per project


You can see that getting your Android application off the ground in the right way is the most important step. Saving money while still utilizing professional services is ideal and outsourcing development allows for this. Take note of all of the information presented here and make sure to plan well before starting the development process.

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