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Start to Use Feedly cloud

I used selfoss about 5 month. As a replacement of Google Reader, it is good, but not good enough. The development is slow. The duplication of items still there. Now I give it up and go for Feedly. Feedly is a Cloud Feed Reader platform. I can read feeds on desktop. I can read feeds

My Ipod Touch was stucked

As the title mentioned, when I tried to turn off my Ipod Touch 4, it shown black screen with a running circle in the center. The running circle keep going, and wait about 2 hours, still there. Later I connect it to my PC, iTunes loaded automatically, but pop up with an error. Unknown device

Google Voice for iPhone release

Finally, Google Voice is available on iPhone. So I trust it is also OK for iPod Touch. They said: With this native app, you’ll continue to have access to all the major Google Voice features on your iPhone, like: * Cheap rates for international calls * Free text messaging to U.S. numbers * Voicemail transcription

Focus on your Domain and Content

Google just inform us that it can provide the Google Apps for Domain. You only need to get these free services. It provide Email, Chat, Calendar,Domain web pages . To setup Email, you need to change your DNS setting to use Google’s service. Such as MX records. I entered one of my Domain name, FreeinOutBoard.com.