Reasons to Learn How to Code

The world is becoming more and more reliant on digital technology and digital communications. It is estimated that there are roughly 1.95 billion websites on the Internet right now. That number is only going to grow as the years go by. Websites are not only increasing in number, buy they are also increasing in complexity. The simple HTML/CSS webpage that seemed phenomenal a decade or more ago is now so boring that no one would give it a second look.

As a result, more and more people are deciding that they may want to learn how to code. Along the way, they have made use of tools like Austin web development bootcamp to give them the fundamentals that they need in order to delve into the world of coding. Many people would argue that the decision to start developing websites changed their lives in a number of ways.

One of the reasons that many have fallen in love with coding is because it has given them a freedom they did not have previously. Once they become proficient at coding, they are able to have a job where they have unlimited freedom and are able to make their own schedule. They are able to transition out of the 9-to-5 cubicle job and become part of the nomad employment group. They will still need to meet with clients, but knowing how to code has given them the freedom to decide when they will meet with clients.

Another benefit that people have seen once they have learned about web development is that they are able to charge more, make more money, and work fewer hours. In this field it is not uncommon for a developer who has years of experience and a portfolio full of high profile clients to charge in excess of $100 an hour for freelance work. This ability to make more money while working less is something that has attracted many people to the Austin Coding Academy as a way of improving their coding skills.

Continuing on the line of freedom and flexibility, when a person is a coder, they are able to select the jobs they will work on as a freelancer. It is likely that as an individual starts out they are going to take any job that they can get, even if the compensation is poor. However, as they improve their skills, grow their customer base, and start making more money, they are able to turn away clients who they do not want. Jobs that are uninteresting, jobs are going to require a lot of time and energy, or jobs that require one to work with a personality they don’t gel with can all be declined. With skill, a web designer knows that there is almost nowhere they can go on the earth that doesn’t need a web designer.

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