The Top 10 Search Queries for past 12 months of this blog:

  1. shaw remote codes
  2. dns-323 firmware
  3. how to program shaw remote
  4. philips universal remote
  5. dns 323 firmware
  6. program shaw remote
  7. telus bundles vs shaw bundles
  8. ubuntu install perl modules
  9. kdbsync.exe error
  10. shaw bundles vs telus bundles

These search queries are retrieved from Google Analytics.

Another source of Keywords are from Google Webmaster Tools. The following top 10 keywords are based on the past three months search in Google.

  1. philips universal remote
  2. ati auto detect
  3. dlink wifi
  4. shaw remote
  5. dns-323 firmware
  6. linode ssd
  7. program shaw remote
  8. dns 323 firmware
  9. philips universal remote codes
  10. ati autodetect

There are one wired keyword I don’t know why it is located on my site.


I think it is a part url of


Do I have post anything about zoho? The answer is YES. I wrote a post in July last year, Zoho gives Small Business a CRM

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