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Best Guide of Fun_plug on DNS-323 NAS

I have a DNS-323 and one 1.5TB plus one 2TB harddisk.

Later I installed fun_plug with Transmission BT client in 2013.

Today, I found the best guide at bernaerts blog.

Currently, FFP 0.7 is the latest one.

To make a workable FFP and Transmission and also I do compile smartmontools, just follow the steps below:

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Make DNS-323 more powerful

I have DNS-323 in 2009. It is good NAS, which is running on 24/7 basis.

DNS-323 has it official BT client, or addon. But I would like to have a more powerful BT client.

First of all, FFP is requried. FFP stands for fonz fun_plug. I installed ffp 0.7 on it, per instruction here.
DNS-323 is using oabi. Ref

Installation is only two steps:
Step 1:
Download two files and put into the root folder on disk1 of DNS-323
fun_plug (installation script)
fun_plug.tgz (source files/packages)
Step 2:
Reboot DNS-323.

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DNS-323 firmware update to 1.10

It is time to update my DNS-323. D-Link just release the new firmware 1.10.
Here is the release notes I re-formated. Because the format of release notes in the download package is so bad.
1. Replace upnp av server with Rovi media server.
2. Bugfix : BT causing web crashed issue.
3. AutoIP bugFix : unable to get ip if Lan cable is disconnected during device power up and plug-in after power cycle finished.
4. Replace unpnp av server back to our own server which is already passed DLNA v1.5 certification.
5. No password is needed under Vista/Win7 in Open Mode.
6. Bugfix : after refreshing the “Schedule Download” page, some of the tasks will be deleted occasionally.
7. Extend the accessible file and folder of FTP server from 2000 to 10,000.
8. Bugfix : usb hotplug unable to work after upgrade busybox version to v1.11.2.
9. Bonjour is built-in.
10. Support AutoIP.
11. Failed to access Volume_1/Volume_2 when upgrading f/w from v1.09 to v1.10.
12. FAN failed to rotate when upgrading f/w from v1.09 to v.1.10.
13. Start to rebuild automatically in Normal to Raid1 migration even “Auto Rebuild” is not being set by user.
14. Specific f/w for Technical Support.
15. Support Advanced Format disk.
16. Bugfix : “Auto-Rebuild” will always being enabled no matter disabled or enabled “Auto-Rebuild”.
17. Bugfix : Enabling “Auto-Rebuild” will cause Volume_2 failed to be mounted sometimes.
18. Change the Advanced Format popup message slightly for formatting. On the last sentence we need to change “click Next” to click “OK” and then add, “or click Cancel to stop the formatting process.”
19. Auto rebuild will be performed immediately when migrating from Normal to Raid1 to ensure data integrity no matter “Auto Rebuild” is being disabled or enabled due to “Auto Rebuild” setting is only apply to Raid1 degraded mode.
20. “Reconfigure to Raid1” not worked with some brand of disk with same size and same model name.
21. While in standalone mode, the existing Volume is not allowed to perform scandisk when a new disk being inserted without formatting.

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Two upgrades

I did two upgrades on my toys.
One is ASUS O!Play 1.29N.
Upgrade is just download new firmware, decompress it and put it into USB disk. Plug it in the OPlay and navigate to the setup, firmware, upgrade. One minute, Done.
The other one is D-link DNS323 v1.09.
It is more simple. Download firmware form official site, Decompress and login the admin panel of DNS323. Upgrade through menu.

DNS-323 Firmware 1.08 Release

Just upgrade my DNS-323 firmware from 1.07 to 1.08.
DNS-323 Firmware Release Notes
Firmware: 1.08
Date: 02/17/2010
1. Now supports 2TB Disks.
2. Add Scandisk support.
3. Add Support for EXT3.
4. Supports D-Link? DNS-323 Yahoo! Widget. Check out your BT downloads right from your desktop!
5. New applications can be modulized and be installed to disk using APKG.
6. Support for Bonjour added via APKG modules.
7. Support for NFS (as a server) added via APKG modules.
8. Support System Logging/FTP Logging.
9. Bugfix: Unable to save the modified word/excel file which already in device through Samba.
10. Bugfix: when upgrading from a older f/w to the latest v1.08 f/w, the FAN run in high speed continually.
11. Email Alerts: Extends the Sender’s address limitation to 63 characters.
12. Email Alerts: Can now send email notification when BT is done downloading.
13. Email Alerts: Can now send email when the raid is put in degrade mode.
14. Email Alerts: Now Capable of sending logs by email.
15. Email Setup: Add the ability to manually configure your SMTP mail server port.
16 FTP Server: Now supports Hebrew codepage.
17. FTP Server: Now supports FXP transfers.
18 FTP Server: Add the ability to specify Passive port ranges for FTP.
19. FTP Server: Add the ability to set the FTP server to ONLY accept SSL/TLS connections and reject regular non-authenticated connections.
20. Users can now assign a shared folder for storing BT’s torrents.
21. UPnP AV Server: Now supports streaming the following file extensions: WAV, OGG, FLAC, MKV, APE, IFO, ISO, AAC, DIVX, M4A, M2TS, ISO
22. UPnP AV Server: Now able to handle spaces in file names.
23. UPnP AV Server: Now able to handle long file names.
24. UPnP AV Server: If it runs across a corrupt file then it just skip’s it instead of stopping the scan all together.
25. iTunes Server: iTunes Server is now capable of indexing more than 50,000 songs.
26. ITunes Server: Ability Replace existing iTunes server (mt-daapd) with new released software, Firefly by APKG module..
27. BitTorrent: BT can be uninstalled if it is installed via APKG.
28. Quota setting are now saved to the Configuration file.
29. DDNS: Add support for no-ip via APKG module.
30. Improved DST GUI design.
31. Disk formatting error codes are now given to help troubleshoot.
32. Ability to control the devices LED status of ON or OFF to minimize the amount of blue ?adiance?generated by your DNS-323.
33. Add the ability to turn off the hard drive after more than 30 minutes (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.) in Power Management Settings.
34. Status Page: More In-depth Network information on status page, (Current Rx/Tx, Day/Week/Month etc., Device Uptime).
35. Samba Share mode and User mode auto switching to fix Vista login issue.
36. Support Auto Power Recovery (For HW C1 only).
37. The following items have had Help information added on the GUI:
FTP Server->Passive Mode,SSL/TSL.
Time->Daylight Saving Dates(DST Start,DST End).
System->Power LED CONTROL.
38. GUI has the ability to enable HTTPS (SSL) access only instead of allowing HTTP/S access by default.
39. Normal to Raid1: Creates a new volume for the remaining disk space after creating the Raid partition.
40. PHYSICAL DISK INFO: Now shows “L”–Left or “R”–Right instead of “1” or “2”.
41. Shut off fan at desired temp (ability to check always on low, Add always on).
42. Applications: Scheduled downloads URL limit increased to 235 characters (up from 120).
43. Applications: Scheduled downloads now has Ajax Download bar similar to BT Page (no refresh required).

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Dlink DNS-323 and Western Digital WD15EADS Caviar Green 1.5TB

I bought a NAS, Network-attached Storage.
Actually I bought two items. One is the NAS enclosure, or Dlink DNS-323, 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure. It is a very old product. Start to sell about two years ago. The other one is a Hard disk.
Western Digital WD15EADS Caviar Green 1.5TB. It is a SATA 32MB Cache 3.5IN Hard Drive.
I put one disk in it. In the future, if I need, I can add another 1.5TB in to double the capacity.
The features of DNS-323 are so many and a lot of people talked about it. I don’t want to repeat it. You can google it.
The point I purchase this kind of toy is based on following thoughts.

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