I have a DNS-323 and one 1.5TB plus one 2TB harddisk.

Later I installed fun_plug with Transmission BT client in 2013.

Today, I found the best guide at bernaerts blog.

Currently, FFP 0.7 is the latest one.

To make a workable FFP and Transmission and also I do compile smartmontools, just follow the steps below:

Step 1:

DNS 323 – Extend your NAS possibilities with Funplug 0.7

Step 2:

DNS 323 – Funplug 0.7 : Install Compilation Environment

Step 3:

DNS 323 – Funplug 0.7 : Supervise Fan Speed and Case & HDD temperature with SNMP

Step 4:

DNS 325 – Funplug 0.7 : Install Transmission p2p client


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