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Add a hard disk to my NAS

When I travel to Shanghai, I ordered a Western Digital Purple Disk. 4TB SATA6Gb / s 64M Monitoring Hard Drive (WD40EJRX).

I paid RMB705, including free shipping. Now the price is dropped to RMB659.

The similar hard disk on is about CA$238.

Open the box. It is a plastic container.

Remove the plastic container, the hard disk is inside of the the anti-static bag.

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Best Guide of Fun_plug on DNS-323 NAS

I have a DNS-323 and one 1.5TB plus one 2TB harddisk.

Later I installed fun_plug with Transmission BT client in 2013.

Today, I found the best guide at bernaerts blog.

Currently, FFP 0.7 is the latest one.

To make a workable FFP and Transmission and also I do compile smartmontools, just follow the steps below:

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A different kind of storage solution

Every modern company needs the best data storage possible. With all of the exploits of common operating systems as well as the malicious entities that are constantly attempting to infiltrate your defenses for inside information to your company, you owe it to your employees and your customers to protect your company.

For the best in all data storage and protection systems including the top notch SATA raid/SATA raid storage system components, be sure to go to Nexsan ( Nexsan has quickly become one of the top companies in data storage because of its ability to adapt with the modern business landscape. No matter what needs a business may have, Nexsan is always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to data storage. It was one of the first companies to implement true virtualization technology for small and medium sized businesses.The SMB community has given its loyalty to Nexsan ever since.

Currently, Nexsan is a brand with several solutions for all kinds of data storage challenges. In the modern globalized economy, businesses need solutions that combine top notch encryption with the ability for remote access and Cloud implementation. Nexsan is on the cutting edge of this industry with many data storage solutions that fit the bill. If you have not checked out the website, you should visit today and give your company the data storage and protection options that only Nexsan can give.

Dlink DNS-323 and Western Digital WD15EADS Caviar Green 1.5TB

I bought a NAS, Network-attached Storage.
Actually I bought two items. One is the NAS enclosure, or Dlink DNS-323, 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure. It is a very old product. Start to sell about two years ago. The other one is a Hard disk.
Western Digital WD15EADS Caviar Green 1.5TB. It is a SATA 32MB Cache 3.5IN Hard Drive.
I put one disk in it. In the future, if I need, I can add another 1.5TB in to double the capacity.
The features of DNS-323 are so many and a lot of people talked about it. I don’t want to repeat it. You can google it.
The point I purchase this kind of toy is based on following thoughts.

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