Here is my Blog, my main cyber place to publish what I learn, what I like, and how I live. I am talking about the backup plan. It is for my Blog, actually for the VPS, which my Blog and other stuff running on it.

What do I need to back up?

Basically the VPS has OS, program, and data. The data is always the most important part of them. The second important is a program, for example, this WordPress installation. I made some customization on it. It is hard to make the same one without a copy or records.

I back up the database and all the website programs.

So I know I need to back up the program and data for sure. I also need to keep a record of how the OS is set up and the configuration of the server. I keep them on paper by writing.



How often do I make a backup?

It depends on the frequency of the data update. I make a new post about once a week if I have time. Sometimes I publish twice a week. OK it is not much difference. Another website on the VPS has more fresh data.

So I make the decision I doing the backup every other day.

Where do I keep the backup?

I prefer to keep it a place safe and easy to access.

The place is at my home lab. Every time I make a backup zip file, I transfer it back to my home lab.

It is a NAS. I can access it from my desktop. When I need to rebuild the server, I can easily transfer it to a new VPS server.

How long should I keep the copies?

It is also a very important question. My NAS has enough space to keep them for a year or multiple years.

Before I just keep the three months’ copies.

Now I just keep it, until I don’t have enough space.

Testing my backup

I have a proxmox server in my home lab. There are a few VMs for testing purposes. Including a staging VM, I can use it to test my backup.

I tried to test the backup on it once a month.

What I am not doing for backup?

My blog, VPS was powered by DigitalOcean, and now is on Vultr. They all have snapshot features, backup features, etc. I am not using them. Because they are not free. I have to pay extra to use it.

I make my own shell script to export the database and zip all websites together, transfer them to the NAS in my home lab. Just smooth and free.



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