I am customer of CloudatCost, which is a VPS service provider at Ontario, Canada.

I saw the Ads on twitter, or just someone make a tweet. The most interesting thing is the one time payment and no more recurring invoice. Only one time setup fee.  It also has monthly plan.

For example, the very basic plan, Developer 1, $1/month or $35/one time.

If subscribe the monthly plan, it will be $1/month, after a year, you paid $12.  One time fee $35 is about three year subscription fee. So pay three year service in the front. That’s it. You own the plan for ever.


I purchased plan Developer 2, by one time fee.

Developer 2:

  • $10/month or $70/one time
  • 2 Xeon vCPU
  • 1 public IP
  • 20GB SSD
  • 100Mbit Network
  • 1TB monthly transfer


I have a coupon for 50% off, that means you just need to pay $35/one time fee, you can have it for ever. See the coupon code :


After purchasing, the VPS will install the system based on the choice in the order. About 10 minutes, it is done. I SSH to the server. Make it updated.

Then I converted it to cloudpro. It is much more flexible. I can split the resource of Developer 2 to two Developer 1 server.

I can also add more storage or vCPU to server.

Adding additional IP address is about $4/month for 3 IPs. There is max. 4 IPs per server.

Additional Cloud storage, for 100GB = $25/month.

It is worth to have a VPS server at CloudatCost.





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