Symantec LiveState™ Recovery Advanced Server

Rapid and Reliable System and Data Recovery for Organizations of Every Size

Key Features:
Recover bare-metal systems in minutes
Create real-time ‘while you work’ backups (snapshots)
Automatically adjust backup routines to occur prior to a new application installation, user logon/logout or storage upgrade
Remotely restore servers (through embedded Symantec pcAnywhere™ host technology) using the Symantec Recovery Disk*
Set databases that are Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)-aware to the quiet state during snapshots without actually taking them offline
Convert from dynamic disk to basic disk
Adjust system usage performance in scheduled jobs or dynamically to more effectively utilize resources
Save backups to virtually any disk-storage device
Scheduled/automated backups
Mount backup image files as read-only drives that can be shared and accessed by others


I try this software and find it is excellent.
Here is the link to search the software and download it.
TLF-SOFT-01.27.05.Symantec.LiveState.Recovery.Advanced.Server.v3.0-iSO.bin Download Link: ed2k://|file|TLF-SOFT-01.27.05.Symantec.LiveState.Recovery.Advanced.Server.v3.0-iSO.bin|604407552|1676F6532DE4EDE5546F6A12125DA8A6|/

I feel following features are better than others’.
1) the backup speed – very fast.
Test it yourself to see how fast it is.
2) It can create real-time backup images without interrupting the server operation.

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