End of Life of Dreamhost Personal Backup

Got an email from Dreamhost this morning. It announced that Dreamhost Personal Backup is retired. The last day of access of the data on my backup account is 2015-7-24.

I was using Dreamhost Personal Backup to backup my website database and sites periodically.  The free capacity is 50GB. It was a wonderful place to do the backup with ftp protocol.

Let us look at the email from DreamHost.


We’re writing to tell you that the Personal Backup feature you’ve been using has become too dated to be sustainable, and is being retired. Please note that starting 2015-07-24 Personal Backup will be turned off permanently. If you decide you don’t want to keep your data, no action is necessary.

If you would like to preserve your data, you should download it before 2015-07-24. Instructions for how to do so are available here.

Dreamhost did provide an option to store data. DreamObjects. It is kind of CDN, oh no. It is similar to Amazon S3.  It is a cloud storage. Pay as you go.

DreamObjects’ storage is only 2.5¢/GB per month and downloads are 5¢/GB. Uploads are free!


Go to Dreamhost Cloud Storage, or DreamObjects, to have a look.